Why work with us

Who we are

What is it like working here? We asked our employees if they could describe what it is that makes working with us unique. This is their conclusion.

We are:


Passionate People

We are passionate about our work, proud of our history and curious about the future. In our friendly, international and open environment, our differences are our strength. Most importantly, we have fun together.

Thriving through challenge

Our global success is not a coincidence. We look for opportunities to grow by stepping out of our comfort zone to challenge ourselves and each other. This is a conscious strategy to bring out each other’s potential and take us to the next level.


Aiming for the future

We have a strong focus on finding sustainable solutions that are fit for the future. It is evident in our history of innovations. We constantly look for new territories to explore. By staying open to new possibilities and finding new ways of working, we keep driving our business.