About RoboMover LAWN MOWER

With more than 15 years of experience in the field of remote-controlled lawn mowers, RoboMover engineers have developed the first affordable electric commercial machine. Remote-controlled all-electric or plug-in hybrid mowers are safe, agile, efficient, clean and inexpensive to use. RoboMover Smart mower is actually designed as a tool carrier for attaching electrical attachments to make your mowing operations more efficient. The machine itself is extremely low in height (68 cm), so you can access areas with very little space, and has excellent climbing ability in sloping and undulating terrain. Excellent driving and handling with gauge level controller.

Machine design

Load-bearing type, high-efficiency and high-power walking system, tank track, gasoline-electric hybrid, anti-slip slope system, active and passive slope floating cutterhead, air-assisted lifting mechanism, adaptive lawn mower.


With an operational range up to 650 feet, the operator can keep a safe distance from dangerous slopes, exhaust, dust, and engine noise - working in comfort all day long. This also reduces the operator’s contact with ticks, mites, and spiders.
Body stabilization system, ABS brake device, electronic anti-roll function, tilt protection function, rapid, fall and roll stop function, no operation automatic shutdown. All series are equipped with three-color lamps as standard


Adaptive range extender system, Honda's Four-stroke, OHV twin-cylinder,air-cooled gasoline engine,high-power AC/DC discharge function.


RoboMover lawn mower highly intuitive Remote Control unit is state-of-the-art technology at your fingertips. Every function can be performed from the remote - including starting the engine, raising/lowering the mower deck,Infinitely variable transmission,Combined with manual or automatic driving operation mode.the whole machine status LCD display,Mastering the controls takes only a few minutes.


Straight holding function, anti-collision function, collision stop function, path planning, inspection detection, IoT control.

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