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RoboMover aims to provide the simplest, most convenient, and time-saving intelligent mowing solution ever created

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We are Experts in intelligent remote control and outdoor power work and provide the right solution for every challenge in the field of mowing

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Ranking high again and again in various tests means you can confidently buy one of the best lawn mowers money can buy

RoboMover is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the research and development and industrialization of intelligent equipment hardware and software integration..

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Core Technologies

RoboMover Products Core Technologies

RoboMover has established a product manufacturing system in China and Japan, with completely independent R&D design and manufacturing capabilities, and more than 80% of core components are independently produced.

More patented technology

There are 5 authorized invention patents, 4 software copyrights and 10 trademarks. 6 SCI/EI papers. 1 product certification.

Robotic system integration technology

Complete machine dynamics and kinematics simulation
Multi-condition variable torque speed control
Precise position control for complex scenes

Macro-micro fusion navigation

Absolute location path planning
Area scene relative positioning visual navigation
Internet of Things monitoring system

Accurate rerecognition of natural environment targets

Field scene 100,000 + image database
CV deep learning model for field scenes Target accurate rerecognition over a long time span

Provide The Best Smart Mower

We are specialists in Intelligent mower Product manufacturing.

  • We Use Qulity Manufacturing Materials

  • RoboMover Provide Unique Technology

  • Professional & Experienced Team

  • Multi-industry application experience

Cumulative number of patents obtained
Proportion of R&D technicians

RoboMover Aims To Provide The Simplest, Most Convenient, And Time-Saving Intelligent Mowing Solution Ever Created.

Best Of Services 98%
Leading Technology 85%
On-time delivery 100%

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