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Spray Robot



Intelligent era of plant protection machines! Remote wireless remote control, human-machine separation, away from drug damage.

The industry's first plant protection resourceful era!

The first remote wireless remote control, man-machine separation, away from the harm of drugs. The first microcomputer controlled, on-demand spraying operation.

Automatic and efficient plant protection operations!

Equipped with high performance twin engines, Yamaha and Zongshen engines. 400L large capacity medicine box, fast self-absorption, to meet the requirements of long-term continuous operation. Working efficiency 15-20 mu/hour, to achieve a labor replacement rate of more than 10 people!

Small compact track machine design!

Working condition kinematics simulation and field test, climb 25-30 degrees, left and right tilt 15 degrees.The machine is 90cm wide, and can shuttle through the densely planted orchard at will!Wide rubber track, smooth running, not easy to accumulate mud, more suitable for rotten fields.

Strong air supply, uniform air output, delicate droplets, good control effect!

Adjustable wind, double-layer rectifier duct, spray radius 8-10 meters, strong penetration! Pressure flow and wind atomization, high adhesion rate, high utilization rate of liquid medicine!

Centralized configuration, fool control!

The walking part, spray part and control part are arranged reasonably for easy operation. Simple and convenient remote control single hand click the operating system.

Simple and easy maintenance

No tools are required to insert or remove the installed control module. Routine mechanical maintenance, no specialized knowledge required.

Vehicle   information


2160×900×1480  mm

Medicine   box capacity

400 L

Minimum   ground clearance

130 mm

Engine   brand


Travel   engine power

5.4 KW

Fan   engine power

7.4 KW

Climbing   ability


Left   and right track inclination


Walking   speed

0.75~7.7 km/h

Reverse   speed

0.65~2.49 km/h


15~20  acres/h

Liquid   pump working pressure

2.0~3.5  Mpa

Liquid   pump flow

28~45 L/min

Static   wind range

8~11 M

Single   nozzle flow

0.85 L/min

Battery   type

lithium battery

Battery   capacity

15 AH

Battery   life

7 h

Remote   control distance

0~100 M