Frequently asked question about Mybot's products.

When considering purchasing our lawn mower products, please tell the required product model information or contact the distributor after we will submit a quotation to you.
1 year warranty after purchase. We cannot guarantee troubles due to usage problems.
First, contact the dealer where you purchased it. Our staff and distributors will cooperate and respond quickly.
It can operate at a range of about 200 m. However, please operate within a safe range to prevent troubles and accidents.
Both the lawn mower and the remote control can be charged from a household socket (100V). It takes about 3~4 hours to fully charge.
It takes about 1 hours to run only with the motor without starting the engine, but running the motor while mowing does not run out of power because the generator is installed and the running motor battery is charged while the engine is running.
It takes about 4 hours to fill a tank of fuel.
It is full at about 10 liters. The fuel used is unleaded gasoline for automobiles.
The drive is done by the motor, and the mowing is done by the engine.
We use Japanese Honda engines.
The max height of the grass that RoboMover's lawn mower can cut is 100mm.The Cutting Height refers to the height of the Cutting Blades. It is different from the Grass Height.